The clear and open pilot project approach to sustainability of tourism as a vehicle to achieve the SDGs has been selected by ICT4SIDS and GAM, among other existing challenges, to advocate the engagement of guesthouse owners: 

1) to adopt high global standards in their new business and management practices in respect of environment, economy and culture of the local islands. 

2) to be active stakeholders in promoting gastronomy tourism and supporting a network of food pavilions in selected islands as a major engine for  vocational training, new jobs generation, youth entrepreneurship and gender equal opportunities. 

The strategy proposed in the long term project (2020-2030) calls for all Maldivian guesthouses to be audited and certified for sustainable hospitality by a worldwide operative certification body as Vireo, Italy-based company accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and imply that all atolls should host tourism industry educational and professional programs offered in Smart Hubs to local youth in the islands by UET, Italy-based European University School of Tourism, in collaboration with National Maldives University Tourism Faculty, ICT4SIDS and other stakeholders.