Introducing the Gastronomy tourism

Our Pilot Project (October-December 2019) will provide an active platform to advocate the official and timely delivery of an expression of interest signed by the Minister of Tourism of Maldives to the Secretary General of UNWTO, aiming to achieve an MoU based on a mutual interest to develop the Gastronomy Tourism in Maldives, in cooperation with ICT4SIDS, GAM and other stakeholders as well.

The long term Project (2020-2030) should provide the tools and coordinate the commitment, the planing and activities on yearly basis of all concerned stakeholders in implementing the Guidelines for the  Development of Gastronomy Tourism, which have been launched by UNWTO in May 2019 in occasion of the 5th World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism

The development of Gastronomy Tourism in Maldives has been proposed by ICT4SIDS to GAM as a vehicle to achieve the SDGs in the local islands, by engaging the guesthouse owners to cooperate with Island Councils and local communities to offer to island visitors both affordable accommodations and direct experiences of heritage food produced in the communities, who eventually will benefit too from sustainable tourism in terms of job creation, sustainability of food production, gender equality and youth professional training.

ICT4SIDS will contribute to the discovery online of destinations and food outlets located even in remote atolls of Maldives by adopting in a dedicated Portal information and communication technologies like live streaming to the Web of the amazing marine environment crossed in real time by ferries cruising between islands, 360 and VR videos made available online to anticipate to digital visitors a full immersion preview of hospitality structures in less known locations, an artificial intelligence powered assistant to provide all relevant information for the visitors to “hop and stop” at easy on the sea routes of the true Maldivian taste.

The Guidelines for Development of Gastronomy Tourism can be downloaded from